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We’re so glad to have made the shift to Blue Sky Money—finally some good, reliable return on investment!

Blue Sky Money

Blue sky money is a family run business owned by Blue Sky charity registered in NZ.

All profits stay within NZ.
We have a “back to basics” philosophy in investing.

We believe it's all about serving people and hopefully making the world a better place.

That’s what we do. We invest in New Zealandners future.

We invest in research and development to better the lives of New Zealanders.

Blue Sky charity has been involved with many wonderful advances in technology over the years.

Indestructible Buildings. A new building system for houses and other buildings rated to withstand cat4+ cyclones, and category 8+ earthquakes, with a life expectancy of over 400 years.

Cancer cure. We are working with the Bio-med school at Auckland university using ultrasound. Nothing short of a cure is acceptable in this area, and we believe we are in for the first time, a real chance to cure this terrible disease. In simple terms ultrasound is fired through the skin. Using a resonance frequency the cells explode and are hamiodunzed back into the system harmlessly . It's called Hystotripsy. No knives, needles, pills - if it works, Old drug company saying “A patient cured is a customer lost.”

Energy. We are working on new Geothermal energy. Hot-rock with the University of Auckland . We've figured out a way of extracting energy out of the ground and converting it into electricity. The ground is alway hot. Unlike solar where half the day is night, and wind turbines when the winds are not blowing. Our energy is always there waiting to be used.

More good reasons you should join and support us.

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Blue sky is funding cancer and sustainable energy research.


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* Blue Sky Money is offering investment in debt security financial products to wholesale investors (as that term is defined in the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013) only. This is not a regulated offer and no offer is made to retail investors. Evidence of an applicant’s status as a wholesale or eligible investor will be required prior to any application for investment being accepted. We must comply with AML and securities legislation. Blue sky is funding cancer and sustainable energy research.



PO Box 54159 Auckland, 2012